It is the position of the New Jersey Chiropractic Council on Sports Injuries & Rehabilitation (NJCCSIR) that doctors of chiropractic maintaining a license in the State of New Jersey are qualified to evaluate, diagnose, and manage patients and athletes of all ages who have sustained a concussion. 

A doctor of chiropractic (DC) has been trained in the appropriate neurological examination procedures necessary to evaluate post concussive effects and, subsequently, considered competent after graduating from an accredited chiropractic college or university.  With this training comes the authority to return a concussion patient back to recreational endeavors or professional obligations RTP (Return To Play) if current guidelines are followed.  Concussion specific training is included in the core curriculum of the Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician and Chiropractic Sports Diplomate Programs.  Licensure by the State of New Jersey, and continuing education programs provided to DC's by the ANJC and the NJCCSIR offer the skills and evaluation tools to a DC practicing in New Jersey to be capable of managing a patient with TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) at an advanced level.  Additionally, the ACBSP and CDC offer educational options for the interested chiropractor.  It is strongly recommended that all New Jersey healthcare practitioners who expect to evaluate and manage concussion patients also study the most recent literature and participate in continuing education. It should be stated that the current science on concussion, while continually in transition, is well defined and RTP decisions remain in the realm of clinical judgment on an individual basis. 


It is strongly encouraged by the NJCCSIR that any doctor of chiropractic or other health professional, attempting to diagnose and manage a patient that has suffered from a concussion be familiar with the guidelines established at the 2012, 4th International Conference on Concussion in Zurich, Switzerland, and the evaluation protocol in the Sports Concussion Assessment Tool (SCAT3). When additional, up-to-date versions of the previous or other references are officially publicized, the new documents should be considered the latest protocols to follow.  As is standard practice, should the case by deemed outside the clinical capability of the chiropractor or other practitioner, the patient should be referred to the appropriate professional.

NJCCSIR Statement on Concussion

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